Are you seeing green too?

If one does not believe that Almighty G-d still gives us visions and dreams for guidance and for a purpose.. this might not be the BLOG for you. I have been feeling lead by G-D to wear Green. Yes, to wear all green. Not, just one day but for several days. I thought it wasContinue reading “Are you seeing green too?”

In December: So ……..long 2022! My year end letter to G-D.

I had a dream:

Oct 2, 2022

I had a dream or vision. My dream woke me in shock. Well, I thought I woke up. In my dream I hurt my right big toe. It was quite painful. I cut it on a stone as I was walking. I did my best to continue to walk. I tried to ignore that pain. When I could no longer stand the pain… I sat down, held my right foot and noticed there was a cut. It was not bleeding. I was confused… was this a cut or did I simply injure my right big toe? I asked my Angel… “Why did he allow me to stream my toe?” I continued by saying, “ I thought you were supposed to make sure that I never strike my foot against a stone?”  The answer my Angel gave me was not spoken, but was somehow known in my spirit.

“Sometimes a little foot stub is necessary for growth.”

I then whined,” But, my toe is cut or feels cut….it hurts!”

I was answered with, “Big pain….Big growth.”

Hearing this answer was calming to me. I had peace knowing although I was currently in pain… the pain was necessary for what ever part of my early destiny.  #thankyouHaShem

Numbers ch 15: Born and foreigners are now the same. Stranger on the Sabbath stoned and Tassels.
(Remember the LORD)

Numbers ch 15:15-16
One ordinance shalbe both for you of the Congregation, and also for the stranger that dwelleth with you, euen an ordinance for euer in your generations: as you are, so shall the stranger bee before the Lord.

One Lawe and one maner shall serue both for you and for the stranger that soiourneth with you.

Those who are gentiles, strangers meaning new to the faith or visitors testing out the faith are bond by the same Laws as those born into the original Hebrew or Jewish Nation bloodline.

I believe this is especially, important to review. Too often I hear Pastors preach or teach that because we are under the New Covenant, we are not required to uphold the Laws of YAHWEH. I do not follow this belief. I believe when GOD says forever……GOD means forever. I Pray each Child of GOD takes time to go to the LORD Our GOD in Pray and seek an individual answer base off the Scriptures and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. Do not relay on man…..

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