Revealed: jesus is the true antichrist and christianity is the true baal system

Revealed: jesus is the true antichrist and christianity is the true baal system


This video and BLOG may seem quite shocking to some.

I suggest others listen with caution.

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Get ready for A Spectacular Return of G-dly Femininity

Shalom Friends,

I am excited about this next season in our lives! I am very excited that we will G-d willing, be able to witness the promise of G-d’s Word coming to pass and stay( Hopefully forever)

Years ago, G-d shared with us that we would see a resurge of women reclaiming their roles in the world, specifically in family matter. And Praise be to the One and Only True Living G-d, we have certainly have been seeing this truth.

We have seen woman marching, speaking at board meeting, defending their children and home in G-dly matter against those who seek to destroy or harm our children. We have witnessed many woman stepping up and running for congress, senate, and even becoming more independent in the fields of farming and health care (true healthcare).

I want to clarify a couple of definitions before we go fourth in this BLOG.

There is a difference between femininity, G-dly Femininity, and feminism.

Let’s look at some definitions:

Is there such a thing as “the Holy Spirit” in Torah, Tanakh, and Judaism?

I was asked a question….. here is my answer and point of view based off…. Torah, Tanakh, and Judaism.

No….. ok not in that way..

Oftentimes christians are sadly misled to think that there believes and their adoption and their theology resemble Judaism.

Also oftentimes Christian believe that Judaism is basically practicing Christianity minus Jesus.

This is not the case.

Christianity and Judaism are Like oranges and bananas, they are completely different fruits.

In fact Christianity, more resembles the pagan helenism Egyptian Roman Greek Persian idolatry religions than anything close to Judaism.

In this video we review the Holy Spirit Where the Holy Spirit terminology comes from and why it is not applicable to Torah, Tanakh,or Judaism.

For full video:

Martial law …. Restoring Law and Order

***** note*** Some of the video referenced for visions that are linked in topic are before my Conversion to Orthodox Judaism. There are and references that reflect that. We all have to start somewhere. These videos were part of my start to finding Torah. Take would is the certain of the #pomegranate and leave theContinue reading “Martial law …. Restoring Law and Order”

Waters of Palestine, Nike, and Trailers

sample: The waters of Palestine

 A solution will come to the waters of Palestine.

Healing animals and land.

Like fog floating among (on top I believe) the water .

Vapor systems of a healing source shall increase.

(In general for all) Healing shall increase.

note:******* I believe this means in general healing will take place. Like different sources of healing different medical break through. That have been known and not shared to the masses, are finally being opened. And will begin soon to being shared with the public and the masses(world wide).

A 90 dollar burrito? #Prophetic #dreams #ThankYouHaShem

Ever pay $90 for a $9 burrito? So let me explain. I had a vision a week or 2 ago maybe 3 weeks. In this vision I walked up to one of those burrito selling carts. I asked for a burrito and the woman said it would be $9. So I said a great noContinue reading “A 90 dollar burrito? #Prophetic #dreams #ThankYouHaShem”

The power of the tongue proof?!? Tehillim 18, 432Hz, Prayer and Gratitude and Love …..

432 hz the Love frequency of Gratitude Prayer
Joshua ch 1 verse 9
“I charge you: Be strong and resolute; do not be terrified or dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Are you seeing green too?

If one does not believe that Almighty G-d still gives us visions and dreams for guidance and for a purpose.. this might not be the BLOG for you. I have been feeling lead by G-D to wear Green. Yes, to wear all green. Not, just one day but for several days. I thought it wasContinue reading “Are you seeing green too?”

Get rid of all evil gear..don’t buy witchcraft symbols or art….its cursed..

This is a screen shot of a Metallica players guitar. On the guitar is a quija board. If one does not hear the evil in the lyrics of music…… please look here and see it. These celebrities are no one to look up to. Most of these “people” have willingly sold their souls to evilContinue reading “Get rid of all evil gear..don’t buy witchcraft symbols or art….its cursed..”