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Happy #pridemonth everyone!!! What I am so very proud of is G-d Almighty and His Glorious Name … FAMILY….. And Torah. I hope and pray everywhere everyone … is also proud of #traditionalpride #traditionfamily and #ThankYouHaShem!!!! With Love, Marie

Devarim chapter 19: And I AM telling you….

In this Bible Study we will be going over: Devarim (Deuteronomy) chapter 19.

I entitled this Bible Study…Devarim chapter 19:  And I AM telling you….


There are several times through the Torah and Tanakh, where G-d’s word and direction is repeated. Much like us a parents or teachers, or instructors… tend to repeat instruction or direction to members of our team or family. Even at work with co-workers, I am sure we repeat instructions through out a day…let alone through out a year, or decade, or so on. So why does it surprise some people that The Lord Our G-d and His servants, our Blessed Sages or Prophets, of Leaders of Blessed and Loving memory would repeat words , directions, commands of Almighty G-d?

Devarim chapter 18: The Kohen, The Levitical Priest, and The Levites… let’s play our role!

Shalom Children of G-d! Welcome back to Marie Speaks G-d’s Grace Bible Study. This lesson we continue in second sermon of  Moses’ of Blessed memory speech to the Nation of Israel before His death and the Nation of Israel carrying on into the Promise Land.  This lesson we will review the portion of Deuteronomy Portion ofContinue reading “Devarim chapter 18: The Kohen, The Levitical Priest, and The Levites… let’s play our role!”

Devarim chapter 17: Rebellious Elders

I entitled this Bible Study…Devarim chapter 17: Rebellious Elders


 From last week of Devarim chapter 16 versus 18 through 22 the last verses we were given and order by a merciful Father in Heaven the Great I AM, to elect for ourselves judges and officers and officials….. who are righteous and judgment and uncorrupted and that they don’t pervert Justice .

Devarim chapter 16: 18-22 Tell me something very good…

I entitled this Bible Study…Devarim chapter 16: Tell me something very good


Well.. this wonderful verse came to my heart #thankyouHaShem

Bereshit Genesis chapter 1 verse 31 Elohim saw all that He had made, and behold it was very good. It became evening and it became morning, the sixth day.

If only…

If only we could go back to the beginning of so many places in history.

If only we could take all the knowledge and wisdom we now have and do better.

Would we?

Could we?

Or would we give in to greedy and power with our new found advantage of possessing the knowledge of the future?

Would we commit unthinkable acts claiming to be wanting to do righteous ones?

Perhaps… perhaps we would sadly make things as if not more wicked then they are currently?

I know everything happens for a reason. And I believe I know everything has it’s time and cycle, but still….. I can’t help shake this feeling we have all lived these times before. And if so true… why .. why have we been doomed to relive these times again? Did we not pass whatever test or trial? Did we not successfully complete ever mitzvah necessary to more forward or up or elevate tot he next level of ascension?

We will this time?

It would be nice… in fact I am sure it would be … very good.

Devarim chapter 16: 1-17 Tell me something good…

There are many denominations of Rome 325 that believe a certain person died on a folded out cube for their personal sins. And that some how their virgin human sacrifice will ensure that they have an “ever lasting life” and be saved from “hell”.

What this bible will prove and present: Rome 325 (christianity in all forms and denominations) equals canaanite dealth cult.

I want to give a Bible Based truthful account how that belief is completely and utterly not true for Judaism. In fact, I will present an argument that the belief in human virgin sacrifice is a canaanite belief and practice, thus proving that Rome 325 now known as Christianity is actually canaanite death cult repackaged under a cloak of serpent witch craft and sorcery. If one has a Bible that contains the “old testament” I encourage them to go and look these verses listed in the Bible Study up. If, in fact what ever version of your Bible states the same…. throw your Bible in the trash if it has the New Testament and go get yourself a Torah and Tanakh, rebuke all former teachings, find your nearest Synagogue and never look back!

Devarim chapter 15: It’s Sabbatical; forgive it and forget it

fər-gĭv′nĭs, fôr-
The act of forgiving; pardon.
The act of forgiving; the act of granting pardon, as for a wrong, offense, or sin; remission of an obligation, debt, or penalty; pardon.
Disposition or willingness to forgive or pardon.

Devarim 13 and 14 False Prophets / Soothsayers of Dreams and Lawless Men… Oh my!

In this Bible Study we will be going over: Devarim (Deuteronomy) ch 13 and 14.

I entitled this Bible Study…….”False Prophets / Soothsayers of Dreams and Lawless Men… Oh my!”

I believe this Bible Studies main concepts are: 

More examples and details on how we are able to identify and deal with those who aim to mislead us away from HaShem Our G-D and His Torah and Commandments, thus removing us from the Covenant de HaShem.

If there is to be a special consideration of sorts or compromises for relationships (relations blood, friends, or well liked person) status when dealing with misleaders, false prophets, and or soothsayers.

What is considered by G-D, to be evil, misuse (self or others or gifts), and or abusive in behavior and or conduct (towards G-D, self or others). (heaven forbid)

Let’s get into…..

Devarim Deuteronomy ch 12 “Where His Shechinah dwells”

In this Bible Study we will be going over: Devarim (Deuteronomy) ch 12. I entitled this Bible Study…….”Where His Shechinah dwells”. I believe this title suits this Bible Study for the main concepts being what is required to be present and not be present in a territory in order for that location to be a worthy place for “Where His Shechinah dwells”.

get it?!? hahaha… I am surely getting awesomely good at this hinting and joking thing!

I believe this Bible Studies main concepts are: 1. What is actions are required of us to prepare a place for HaShem’s Presence to dwell. 2. How can one “know” the “will” of G-D for or in their life? 3. Am I currently doing my best to ensure a long term stay of HaShem?
For you will not have come as yet to the peace [the place of tranquility] and to the territory that Adonoy, your God, is giving you. When you cross the Yardein and settle in the land that Adonoy, your God, is apportioning to you, and He has granted you peace from all your enemies around, and you will live secure.