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Dear Friends and Families,

In an effort to create a shared reading experience throughout our whole community, we have selected to share some of the many books we have enjoyed on a variety of topics. Some might be chapter books, some books are religious, educational, or just to enjoy with a hot cup of tea. The goal of this project or page is to encourage home reading experiences by supplying every family, friend, co-workers, strangers in the grocery store, and subscriber with the opportunity for a motivating, exciting, shared book adventure!

Some might be thinking, ” purchasing books is expense.” There happens to exist several location both online and in person to purchase books or even get books for free.

I use Thriftbooks.com , to purchase used books online. #Funfact Teachers get a discount, yes even homeschool teachers. I also enjoy library book sales, local book fairs, book clubs, friends of the library by city, as well as free library under a tree; just to name a few when searching for low price books.

As families and friends in “older times” before the “rat race of life,” we enjoyed reading books together. It was very common, if not expected, to engage in daily and nightly reading with our loved ones. This was done not only for social entertainment and educational purposes, but also to improve oneself and one’s position in life. Members of our community, from classroom teachers to neighbors and friends, or even co-workers and beyond, will also embrace the joys of reading. Especially, after they see how the joy and love has increase in you, the home, and help out in you performance in and out of work. We will foster interest in the book, initiate discussions about what we’re reading, and participate in creative activities such as art, writing, and mystery-solving projects. We can fuel our creativity by incorporating daily trivia questions to keep ourselves alert and heighten our awareness of the book’s characters and plot. This will provide us with an authentic purpose for nightly reading, and enable us to share valuable information or references at any given moment.

Please see the books listed on this page as a suggestion and hope or possibility for so many opportunities in one’s life and relationship with others, self, and most importantly, G-D; to have a meaningful intelligent conversation, increased long lasting family time, and technology free fun.

*****I am not paid to endorse nor affiliated with any of the books listed. All books I list have been read fully by me and all reviews or endorsement are of my own opinion.****

Subscribe and follow for more information. Please feel free to contact Marie Speaks G-d Grace with any questions, concerns, or book suggestions at @mariespeaksgdsgrace. We look forward to beginning this exciting adventure together with this radianthumbleterrific book!
                                                                                                                                                              with love,

 Marie Speaks G-ds Grace

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