Meet Marie the Nazarite

A little about me:

I Love HaShem!!!!!

I Love TORAH!!!

I am not perfect!!!!

Before realizing I had received several miseducation I had several great experiences and learning opportunities. Some of my religious journey is documented and spoken about, especially in my older videos. Realizing this facts I wanted to go an “extra mile” and…..

I have taken the Nazarite Vow.. and am loving it!

For those who are interesting in learning more about the Nazir a hyper link is provided.

Why did I take this route? Basically said, I wanted to have the purest, cleanest, sound heart, mind body, spirit, and soul; during my return to Orthodox Judaism.

Some of the results have been as follows……

If we meet: We talk about HaShem and His blessed glory, Torah, history, and the sweeter things thereof.

If while drinking tea or coffee together, or perhaps discussing and what books we enjoy; we would be discussing HaShem and HIS Glory !

Why would this be?

I have fallen in Love with HaShem and as a Woman in Love … we tend to speak about who we Love and why we love Him.

What is import to me:……..A relationship with Our Father in Heaven.

My thoughts: We may not be perfect, but we study, we learn, we laugh, & we grow; we try.

My goals: I want to make it to an ever lasting life in HaShem. I have learned, in order to get that Spainsh style mansion (thats being prepared for me, next to a lake or waterfall in the life after) I need to turn to the TORAH of HaShem. HaShem presented HIS TORAH to every nation and every person and everything HIS alone created. Some chose to say YES, and others chose to say no, while some say maybe.

Well, I have chosen to say YES…. While in my process of choosing YES I have chosen based from the Word of HaShem Blessed be HE to devote myself to HaShem in the Vow of the Nazarite. (BAMIDBAR /Numbers ch 6) With the Blessed Will of HaShem I shall complete this Vow in about 2 years.

Prayers of support and encouragement are appreciated and welcomed.

Toda and Blessings of HaShem be with you and your family. OAmein.

Title: Greater enemies, Emergency alerts, New Release, and Shofar Blast

I have been using the account and Rumble (Live Bible Study video Post: Rumble ) as main accounts.


Taking a look back from the start of GOD calling

This Tanakh and Bible Study is for the sole purpose of serving HaShem for HIS Honor and Glory alone.

We here at Marie Speaks G-D’s Grace follow and are lead by the Glorious Spirit of HaShem.

I believe History, TORAH, Tanakh or Bible Studies and communities go hand-in-hand. It has been an honor to be part of this wonderful community. Thank you for supporting us. As long as we are here, we will always Pray and support you in and thru the Word of HaShem and HIS Glorious TORAH!

With great perseverance, We will achieved all that we set out to in producing a quality Lessons and Guidance that G-D’s people enjoy. This is in no small part attributable to you, as a loyal family among Nations. We pledge to continue to maintain our standard of excellence for G-D and His community in Torah.

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Let’s continue to Love HaShem and never forsake HIS TORAH.

G-D be with US!!!!!

Blessings and Prayers,