Deuteronomy ch 31: If there is a Prophet among you….

Shalom Children of G-d! Welcome back to Marie Speaks G-d’s Grace Bible Study. This lesson, we continue with the final days of the life of Moses, our Teacher, may peace be upon him. He closes with a speech and song to the Nation of Israel, the captains of the tribes, the elders, and the officers,Continue reading “Deuteronomy ch 31: If there is a Prophet among you….”

Devarim chapter 21:1 thru 9— Only in Eretz Yisrael…. if it is not known

The Elders measured: in………..super nature occurrence, distance, prayer, dance, music, deed, cause, influence, society, past, further, present, and so on…. to ensure complete and entire and whole WHOLY….atonement for the murder in Eretz Yisrael was completed as to for fill the commandment of HaShem, Blessed be HE.