Devarim chapter 24: Help the poor, widow, and the orphan; this is a true Boaz


Boaz was indeed blessed for his goodness and kindness, and obedience to HaShem. Throughout the story of the Book of Ruth, he not only was kind to Ruth and her mother-in-law, but also to others in the field. Those who were not wealthy most likely had no social influence and might have been orphans, widows, or escaped slaves.

Boaz, didn’t go around with his workers demanding to see everyone’s expulsion letter, or yellow star, or tattoos, or even their family tree; to verify if they were or were not Jewish.

Boaz, didn’t demand and question them being in town or his field, or even what synagogue they attended.

Boaz, simply provided the opportunity for God, in His glory, to work miracles – life-saving miracles through him each and every day, week, month, and season.

Wow! May we all be so blessed to truly be a Boaz in our lifetime.

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