Numbers ch 25: The Conclusion of balaam’s shame and The Beginning of Israel’s Glory

Why definitions matter? We don’t want to bare false witness or shot misguided arrows. Let’s dive in to Numbers ch 25 Conclusion to the balaam system plaguing the Church and Body of CHRIST. #mariespeaksgodsgrace

Numbers ch 21: From Kadesh to Jordan.. and the beat goes on

I want us to review who were the Amalekites and the Canaanites. When we take a review we might understand why GOD chose to have the Nation of Israel go in certain directions rather then others, but also why some wars were win or lost. One has to ask themselves why DNA corruption? Why has this seemed to have always been the goal of the serpent? Maybe if one cant CREATE that the Only TRUE GOD… the serpent choses penetrate…. ouchie no thank you