This weeks Jewish terminology word: Converso

This Ladino word ( Judaeo-Spanish ) root word is  Convert. 

This term was for those Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity in the middle ages during the Spanish Inquisition.
Converso, is a more accurate less disparaging term to the more frequently used Morrano.
Morrano, which comes from the Spanish word swine. 
This where the term……. Morrano Jew come from.

This weeks Jewish terminology word: petichah

I’m loving learning and growing in our faith. I love our heritage and language.  In efforts of learning and growing  I ordered …wait for it…several books of course. One book …….being Jewish terminology.I’m so excited to share our beautiful Heavenly language with others. Here is this week’s Jewish terminology word and definition as define byContinue reading “This weeks Jewish terminology word: petichah”

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