Devarim chapter 21: 10 -23 Even if you hate her… she ain’t for sale!

Devarim ch 21 verses 10 – 23
Even if you hate her…she ain’t for sale!

I ask that we let down, take off, and put away many of the teachings from those who have not lived a “Jewish life”, learned from a Jewish source (religious or cultural), and has not actually studied in depth with or from Jewish scholars.

Sadly, those who have not had the privilege, honor, or first hand experience in growing up in an actual Jewish home with Religious or cultural Jewish, back ground and values and homeland…. can and have taught various anti-Semitic teaching to masses. Those individuals or establishments, or even so called “Religious” “leaders”; have taught negative and derogatory general fallacies and evils and hate for (in my opinion ) corrupt reason, about the Jewish people, faith, and or culture.

My specified object or goal is to assist in the correction of those hateful and generally applied racist hateful and disgusting inhuman false teachings.

To teach, “preach”, or guide, or instruct, or to live stream, or post or any other form of sharing racist generalities better known as general fallacies…… about human or people group is completely and utterly against G-d!

I Pray, after this lesson… we not only correct our own possible short comes in this area, but don’t allow others to, or support, or co-sign; those who do engage, or express, or share; hate filled teaching about any people group.

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