This Week’s Jewish Terminology Word is: sefer

I am in love with today’s Jewish terminology word of the week!

Any one who knows me knows I love… and I do mean love books. I love the way they look, especially when old. The older the better. I, 100 percent am that book geek who will be at the store picking up old dusty books and smelling them. I know some might be like “gross”, which I can completely understand. But, I love the smell of old books.

HaShem. He is G-D! There is none beside Him!

Those who have or had witnessed G-D’s power, majesty, and might; are held to a higher standard of accountability. Those persons and nations face greater consequences for transgressing G-D’s Laws and ordinances. Far, greater punishments then of nations or persons, who have never known Him or been exposed to the Truth and Teaching of the Holy Torah. 

Those who were shown, lead towards, or even taught the Torah and rejected it, fall under the category of judgement similar to those nations that had rejected the Torah and denied HaShem full of Glory just in Biblical times. 

 That is not to say a person doesn’t have a chance at redemption after proper heart felt Teshuvah, or Repentance, of sins and sinful living…but as explained before everything is up to a persons individual free will / use of intentions. We are all in control and held accountable at some point of our acceptance or rejection of HaShem and His Torah.

I dreamed a dream

Oil is Black Gold.
Silver is wealth.
Gold is riches.
Mirco-Cryptos are billions to the air made.

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