Numbers ch 22 For the love of money, a donkey has more sense…What is in a name? balaams of the world shall pay in JESUS Name. AMEN!

Balaam the money grabbing for hire soothsayer…

Can one Truly claim to be a Christian and follow balaams example instead of CHRIST’s?

definition of soothsayer: Noun
soothsayer – someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge)
forecaster, predictor, prognosticator
astrologer, astrologist – someone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and sun and Moon
fortune teller, fortuneteller – a person who foretells your personal future
illusionist, seer, visionary – a person with unusual powers of foresight

Word from the Lord for such a time as this…. The Twelve Minor Prophets….. Obadiah thru Micah

The Future Role of the Remnant
ch 5: 9 Your hand shall be lifted up over your adversaries,
and all your enemies shall be cut off.

10 In that day, says the Lord,
I will cut off your horses( travel and other modes of transportation will be distoryed or fail to operate) from among you
and will destroy your chariots; (corruption with military vehicles or robots, maybe even other machinery will fail.)
11 and I will cut off the cities of your land( cities locations of mass populations that are most likely great with sin will know great pains)
and throw down all your strongholds;
12 and I will cut off sorceries from your hand,( witches and sorcery, pharmacy and drugs especially)
and you shall have no more soothsayers;( mediums and prosperity gospel will disappear)
13 and I will cut off your images(images that trick nations minds programing sources.ego, post, self idols and so on)
and your pillars from among you,( evil pillars that had been erected as evil channeling)
and you shall bow down no more
to the work of your hands;
14 and I will uproot your sacred poles[g] from among you
and destroy your towns.
15 And in anger and wrath I will execute vengeance
on the nations that did not obey.

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