This weeks Jewish terminology word: piyyut (peeyoot) or piyyutim (peeyooteem)

Welcome to another wonderful G-D given week! #ThankYouHaShem I Pray others are having another wonderful first day of the week …. also commonly known as Sunday. This weeks Jewish terminology word is piyyut (peeyoot) in singular form or piyyutim (peeyooteem) in the plural. Definition : Jewish Religious Poem distinguished by its form rhyme, rhythm, andContinue reading “This weeks Jewish terminology word: piyyut (peeyoot) or piyyutim (peeyooteem)”

This weeks Jewish terminology word: petichah

I’m loving learning and growing in our faith. I love our heritage and language.  In efforts of learning and growing  I ordered …wait for it…several books of course. One book …….being Jewish terminology.I’m so excited to share our beautiful Heavenly language with others. Here is this week’s Jewish terminology word and definition as define byContinue reading “This weeks Jewish terminology word: petichah”

Let’s improve and learn together

Duolingo – Learn a language for free @duolingoI started a Yiddish and Hebrew class group for fun learning. 5 mins of Yiddish a day….or at your open time.Of course anyone can do more if they are able. This is just a fun!!!!!!!!…. and a way for us as a group to learn and grow together.Continue reading “Let’s improve and learn together”

Numbers ch 10: They set forward to the Promise Land

Why are some people more comfortable with being slaves? Why do some people seem to reject goodness and love? Why do some people prefer darkness to Light?

I believe some people are individuals who for lack of better word are emotional stunted. These emotionally stunted people do to their own personal fears, choices, and lifestyle comfort; refuse growth, but especially GODly growth. These are the type and kind of people that will forever be doomed to wonder deserts and will never make it to GOD’s Promise Land for their life.
Let that not be US.
Blessings and Prayers,

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