Numbers chapter 30: Vows: Wife, Father, and Spouse. (Hold me now)

What to expect this lesson?
This Lesson will be a review HaShem’s Commandments of Vows. The vows or promises or contracts or agreements that we make as HaShem’s Children reflect in a way HIM. Yes, But also reflect more how serious we take or relationship with HIM.

For example, if a person does not Truly Fear HaShem Blessed be HE…they might make promises they never intend to keep and harm others while claiming to be in the service of Blessed be HE HaShem. I call those places or people workers for satan and churches or synagogue of satan. For the record any place that supports any thing against HaShem Blessed be HE and HIS Word… is of satan and not of HaShem. It does not matter what outfit, look , age, or uniform they as an individual or collective are wearing. satan has actors and impersonators every where not just in movies… remember that.

Moving on, G-D always order woman to be protect and valued.
Moving on, for those who has been incorrectly told that YAHWEH or the Ancient Hebrews mistreated or thought of woman as less than a man….. that is completely fake, phony, and false. In fact, GOD’s Laws are to protect one another and treat others with Love and Respect, but especially in written YAHWEH Blessed be HE ; orders woman and children to be protected, provided for, and supported.

Some might look at HaShem’s Order and Command in the times of today the 21st century, with the feminist lens. But, we have to look at the Commands as HaShem Blessed be HE, Our Father as Our Protector and Savior and Creator; in 1st century terms.

Adonai Blessed be HE, was providing an example of supreme protection over the Nation of Israel from the womb. If a Woman of Israel, was being held under the yoke of an emotional or let’s be honest…irrational laps in judgement.. the Israel Nation as a whole would suffer.

Some beg to differ…. well, look at the world affairs today.

Evil target Woman and therefore target children and therefore target families, which if the family structure is weak within a Nation the whole Nation falls.

They want woman to be murders of babies, whores, angry, man haters, and sex instruments… to name a few. The world system does not embrace and protect woman as ABBA Blessed be HE, Our Father originally intended.

This lesson will focus on addressing GOD’s original intention of protecting the woman… children…and family….. thus enabling the Nation and therefore world to bring Heaven down to Earth.

Numbers chapters 27 with 32, 34, 35, and 36 Torah Teachings….continued

Numbers chapters 27 with 32, 34, 35, and 36 Torah Teachings….continued