This week’s Jewish terminology word is: macaroon

This week’s Jewish terminology word is: a yummy a delicious English word treat… macaroon . Or as I like to call more more and yes please I’ll take a few 10 or 20 more of these delicious delightful treats.

HaShem. He is G-D! There is none beside Him!

Those who have or had witnessed G-D’s power, majesty, and might; are held to a higher standard of accountability. Those persons and nations face greater consequences for transgressing G-D’s Laws and ordinances. Far, greater punishments then of nations or persons, who have never known Him or been exposed to the Truth and Teaching of the Holy Torah. 

Those who were shown, lead towards, or even taught the Torah and rejected it, fall under the category of judgement similar to those nations that had rejected the Torah and denied HaShem full of Glory just in Biblical times. 

 That is not to say a person doesn’t have a chance at redemption after proper heart felt Teshuvah, or Repentance, of sins and sinful living…but as explained before everything is up to a persons individual free will / use of intentions. We are all in control and held accountable at some point of our acceptance or rejection of HaShem and His Torah.

This weeks Jewish terminology word: piyyut (peeyoot) or piyyutim (peeyooteem)

Welcome to another wonderful G-D given week! #ThankYouHaShem I Pray others are having another wonderful first day of the week …. also commonly known as Sunday. This weeks Jewish terminology word is piyyut (peeyoot) in singular form or piyyutim (peeyooteem) in the plural. Definition : Jewish Religious Poem distinguished by its form rhyme, rhythm, andContinue reading “This weeks Jewish terminology word: piyyut (peeyoot) or piyyutim (peeyooteem)”

This weeks Jewish terminology word: petichah

I’m loving learning and growing in our faith. I love our heritage and language.  In efforts of learning and growing  I ordered …wait for it…several books of course. One book …….being Jewish terminology.I’m so excited to share our beautiful Heavenly language with others. Here is this week’s Jewish terminology word and definition as define byContinue reading “This weeks Jewish terminology word: petichah”

Numbers chapter 28 and 29: Journey reviewed………just a 3 day tour,

My experiences observing HaShem’s Biblical Feast have been:

Observing the LORD’s Feast, have greatly increased and enriched my love for CHRIST. Every year I have gained in my education and relationship, as well as corrected religious incorrect teaching in my relationship with GOD. I

t is apparent to me, a lot of ignorant, abusive, man made religious, or maybe I Pray well intended misguided teaching have been taught by religious persons.

It so happens, both in and out of Church we can be taught incorrect information regarding how GOD wants us to Love Him, vice how man has to GOD man will love GOD.

That why here at Marie Speaks GOD’s Grace, while we do offer our personal opinions or guiding; ultimately we relay on GOD’s Word………. which is TRUTH and is actually found in the TORAH and Bible.We also seek sources of information from those HaShem has placed in religious authority to help guide us. We, here do support share or endorse those who incorrectly teaching GOD’s Word and thus leading GOD’s sheep astray.

Ultimately, We can only know the TRUTH if we individually seek that TRUTH from Almighty GOD so if any practices or information from anyone ever seems contrary to GOD’s WORD ; please seek HIS guidance thru/in Fasting and Prayers..


This Leads us to why are there so many Biblical Feast and how the Biblical Feast confirm our covenants with Our Father in Heaven…….

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