Deuteronomy ch 26:…..callout to HaShem, your G-D, ” An Aramean tried to destroy my forefather.”….. oh HaShem!”

There is wonderfully so much to unpack in these final verses to close the Bible Study for today. But, I believe that the sum of all my thoughts is to point to the fact… HaShem has conditions for one to be His “treasured people”. Some assume incorrectly that their family name will hold the weight of their violations against Torah. Others believe that their fame or community influence will somehow cause the G-d of justice to overlook their disobedience or harsh and cruel treatment towards another. When the point of the matter is… G-d wants us all to treat everyone and everything with kindness, dignity, and respect. Everything He created is a part of Him and serves Him and His glorious purpose.

Therefore, ignorant hatred towards anyone violates G-d’s commandments as a whole. Having bias and showing favoritism violates G-d’s law of balanced weights and seeking truth and justice.

By the way, the month of Elul is coming up… Some of us should start making that Teshuva now if anything in these Bible Studies of revealing truths has touched anyone’s nefesh.

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