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Deuteronomy ch 27: Cursed be the one who perverts the rights of the convert, the fatherless, and the widow.—And all the people shall say, Amen.

I can’t pretend to understand the bigotry that exists in the world. I especially cannot claim to understand the hatred, bigotry, and segregation that sadly persists even today within one’s own culture, community, race, or religious institutions. Hatred towards one’s fellow human beings seems to prevail and has been passed down from generation to generation…

Devarim chapter 22: Let them eat cake …or whatever

“Let them eat cake”, is an iconic careless expression that never happened.

“Let them eat cake” is the traditional translation of the French phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, said to have been spoken in the 18th century by “a great princess” upon being told that the peasants had no bread. Jean-Jacques Rousseau , actually coined…

Meditations of my Heart

While sitting with a group of other women,  this Tehillim was selected for me to read and Meditate on… Tehillim 19 . 1For the conductor, a song of David.2The heavens recite the glory of God, and the sky tells of the work of His hands.3Day to day utters speech, and night to night tells knowledge.4There…

Happy #pridemonth #2023pride

Happy #pridemonth everyone!!! What I am so very proud of is G-d Almighty and His Glorious Name … FAMILY….. And Torah. I hope and pray everywhere everyone … is also proud of #traditionalpride #traditionfamily and #ThankYouHaShem!!!! With Love, Marie

Martial law …. Restoring Law and Order

***** note*** Some of the video referenced for visions that are linked in topic are before my Conversion to Orthodox Judaism. There are and references that reflect that. We all have to start somewhere. These videos were part of my start to finding Torah. Take would is the certain of the #pomegranate and leave the…

Devarim chapter 19: And I AM telling you….

In this Bible Study we will be going over: Devarim (Deuteronomy) chapter 19.

I entitled this Bible Study…Devarim chapter 19:  And I AM telling you….


There are several times through the Torah and Tanakh, where G-d’s word and direction is repeated. Much like us a parents or teachers, or instructors… tend to repeat instruction…

Waters of Palestine, Nike, and Trailers

sample: The waters of Palestine

 A solution will come to the waters of Palestine.

Healing animals and land.

Like fog floating among (on top I believe) the water .

Vapor systems of a healing source shall increase.

(In general for all) Healing shall increase.

note:******* I believe this means in general healing…

Devarim chapter 17: Rebellious Elders

I entitled this Bible Study…Devarim chapter 17: Rebellious Elders


 From last week of Devarim chapter 16 versus 18 through 22 the last verses we were given and order by a merciful Father in Heaven the Great I AM, to elect for ourselves judges and officers and officials….. who are righteous and judgment and uncorrupted…

This Week’s Jewish Terminology Word is: krechz

This week’s Jewish terminology word is: krechz

So for today’s word which my personally owned The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic 2001 copyright 1st edition defines this weeks Jewish Terminology Word krechz as a verb a Yiddish word pronounced (KREKHTZ) To sigh, moan and grunt about a little ache…

Devarim chapter 16: 1-17 Tell me something good…

There are many denominations of Rome 325 that believe a certain person died on a folded out cube for their personal sins. And that some how their virgin human sacrifice will ensure that they have an “ever lasting life” and be saved from “hell”.

What this bible will prove and present: Rome 325 (christianity in…

This week’s Jewish terminology word is: zees

Shalom Children of G-d! Welcome back to Marie Speaks G-d’s Grace Bible Study. This week’s Jewish terminology word is: zees (pronounced- ZISS) Now because I am so excited I am going to make everyone wait for the meaning. Actually let’s see if I can use a poem to help everyone figure out or guess the meaning.…

Devarim  (Eikev) chapter 10 What’s in the blood is not always what is in the heart and Devarim (Eikev) chapter 11: Be Strong!!!!!:

What to expect this lesson? This lesson we continue in second sermon of  Moses’ of Blessed memory speech to the Nation of Israel before His death and the Nation of Israel carrying on into the Promise Land.  This lesson we will review the portion Deuteronomy (Eikev) Devarim 10 and 11 , with a reading of…


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