Season 5 Bible Study Blog

Season 5 Begins Sept 2022/5783

Devarim chapter 19: And I AM telling you….

In this Bible Study we will be going over: Devarim (Deuteronomy) chapter 19. I entitled this Bible Study…Devarim chapter 19:  And I AM telling you…. Why? There are several times through the Torah and Tanakh, where G-d’s word and direction is repeated. Much like us a parents or teachers, or instructors… tend to repeat instruction…

This Week’s Jewish Terminology Word is: Nevi’im

#clip of whats inside Currently I am reading on my own Shabbat time the Book of Isaiah. I found a video that might explain the Book of Isaiah more clearly than I might. To be quite honest… I am finding the Book of Isaiah difficult to not only understand, but retain. I do enjoy reading…

Waters of Palestine, Nike, and Trailers

sample: The waters of Palestine  A solution will come to the waters of Palestine. Healing animals and land. Like fog floating among (on top I believe) the water . Vapor systems of a healing source shall increase. (In general for all) Healing shall increase. note:******* I believe this means in general healing will take place.…


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