This week’s Jewish terminology word is: shnook

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This week’s Jewish terminology word is:  a word I think many of us can identify with from time to time. Or, at least I can definitely say this word has applied to me in several situations.

Confession time… I often feel like people expect a lot out of me and I some how some way fall short of their unrealistic expectations that they themself would never measure up to; ugh!

Of some thing that happens a lot. I don’t know or how to probably communicate what emotion I am feeling in a situation where some one else is in great distress. In those cases, I have found it’s best just to stay quite and if I am friends with them give a good old fashion warm hug. ( women only, por que? yo soy niddah!. (okrrrrrr!). no me toque! hahahaha!)

Any how, has any one else ever felt like this?

You meant to do well, but some how everything turned out so very wrong. It could be for any thing in any case. For, me when this happens some times I feel like why do I even try to be kind? Or, Why did I even try to help? Or, even worst, why did I even speak up; I should have just kept my big mouth shut!?

I honestly, don’t like that feeling.

It’s amazing how some who don’t have their life together…some how know how everyone else should live or act? But, this is just a side thought….. or

Maybe this is just another case were I am the one being too hard on myself. I fully admit that can be the case. But, in the cases where it is not me being to hard on myself…. why are some people so harsh towards others?

I think most of us want to feel or to be understood or even well liked.

I think many of us, wan to be thought of as a good and decent person.

If this is us… I pray we are not those unrealistic characters out thier who have a critical spirit that aim to tarnish other while rising themselves to whatever platform they think they are achieving heights.

I pray we are the kind of people that give someone the benefit (realistically and appropriately to the case) of the doubt. We are after all just human.

Sometimes, we are late to an event or due to G-D forbid unforseen events unable to make an appointment.

Sometimes, we may burn a cake.

Sometimes, we may not have the exact right words to speak to be supportive.

Sometimes, we may not in realize the gravity of a situation due to inexperience or lack of observation.

Sometimes, we are just a shnook.

So to all the others shnookim out there…. #ISeeYou and believe me #IfeelYou.

Don’t take it so hard. In the words of the ultimate shnook Scarlet from Gone with the Wind…… Tomorrow is another day.


This week’s Jewish terminology word is: shnook

The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Joyce Eisenberg, and Ellen Scolnic, 2001 copyright 1st edition; defines our Jewish terminology word of the week as:

This is a noun. Yiddish word pronounced (SHNOOK). An incompetent person who is the deserving of pity but also likable. An affectionate term, not derogatory term. An old fashioned usage.

That is much sweeter then how worlink defines shnook-



  1. A stupid or easily victimized person; a dupe.
  2. A person who is easily taken advantage of.
  3. (Yiddish) a gullible simpleton more to be pitied than despised

#burn and #ouch

laugh out loud.. that hurt a little. hahahaha!

Fun Fact: shnook can also be confused with the snook which is a fish.

EPIC SNOOK Fishing at a Flowing Spillway (OMG 😱)

and apparently… schnook also means a kids toy?

Shnooks Crazy Colorful Hair and Makeup

who knew? I most certainly did not know that!

Although, I am sure those poor shnookim don’t know the others exist!

hahahah! You see what I did there? An other wonderful joke!


This weeks word was selected at random from my personally owned The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic 2001 copyright 1st edition.

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