This week’s Jewish terminology word is: niddah

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This week’s Jewish terminology word is: niddah pronounced (KNEE-dah). This is a Hebrew word regarding the Jewish Laws relating to menstruation and martial relations. Also See taharat ha-mishpachah.

Oh this is a juicy topic of the week isn’t it? I do pray for others who have never heard of the niddah term before keep a couple of things in mind.

Marriage is a Convenant between G-D, Man and Woman. G-D, is the head and foundation of the Orthodox Jewish Faith. The divorce rate within the American Orthodox Jewish Faith is an amazing… 10% this is considered high. An article date October of 2022 state: About 10% of US Jews identify as Orthodox, and their divorce rate is only about 10%. While divorce is not considered a sin, it is socially frowned upon. Some would even call it a tragedy, particularly because in Judaism the home is the center of life.

Where as the divorce rate among Americans an article dated January 3, 2023 states: The United States Census Bureau report suggests that marriage and divorce rates dropped from 2009 to 2019. Usually, second or third marriages in the United States have a higher divorce rate: 60% of second marriages and about 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Couples going through their first divorce are around the age of 30.

The negative statics as for as drug use, jail or prison, family violence, teen pregnancy, STDs, rape, and murder to name a few…. is far below the American National Average, are practically non existent.

Marital relations and intimacy is not just physical or emotional in the Orthodox Jewish Marriage… is seen and aimed always to be Spiritual as well as pleasurable… a sacred union between a soul mate given by Almighty G-D for ones life time.. while here on earth. The potential for life is a sacred and observed as such. All well, as the blood being thought of as part of a persons body and or soul.

An Orthodox Jew truly does view not only their body as a true vessel and temple made in the image of Our Creator… Blessed be He, but others body too. To miss treat anyone human in any way shape or form especially sexually is considered and treat as a great shame. An Orthodox Jew does not live only for today, this minute, or get get a use and abuse out of another human, but we look at the eternal.

For example…What is the life here after going to be…..if I hurt, use, betray, injury anyone now. We are taught to value life, because Life is directly from our Father in Heaven.

All that basically being said….please please judge a product by its fruit…. I do believe others might be able to look at the success rate of Orthodox Jewish Life and see that main system or whats consider “normal” would not be anything good… if it was the America statistics would be just as good as the Orthodox Jewish Community stats.


Today we are going to go over our Jewish terminology for the week.

This weeks word is: niddah (KNEE-dah)

Or as I like to say…… my body my choice… don’t touch me…respect my space….I don’t know you… I am a child of the Living G-D Amen and Amen.

As far as a further definition:

taharat ha-mishpachah- Pronounced (tah-hah-RAHT). A Hebrew word literally mean, “family purity”. The Jewish Laws concerning sexual relationships, especially during a woman’s menstrual period. While the Torah forbids intercourse only during a woman’s menstrual period., levels of observance of taharat ha-mishpachah diverge. Some strictly traditional Jewish men do not kiss, hug, or even touch their wife during the forbidden days and for seven days after, until she has visited the mikveh. Some Orthodox makes avoid even casual physical contact (like a handshake) any time with a women who is not their wife. Also called the laws of niddah.

Below are some articles and videos I found that can possibly explain niddah and taharat ha-mishpachah much better than I am able.

What is a Mikvah?

Inside a Mikvah | Tour of a Jewish Ritual Bath | What is a Mikveh ? | Is it Only for Women? | Tips

Bringing Our Voices Together – 7 Women, 7 Perspectives on Mikveh, Taharat Hamishpacha & Marriage

Taharat Hamishpacha Refresher – Part 1- Sara Frieberg

This weeks word was selected at random from my personally owned The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic 2001 copyright 1st edition.

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