Are you seeing green too?

If one does not believe that Almighty G-d still gives us visions and dreams for guidance and for a purpose.. this might not be the BLOG for you.

I have been feeling lead by G-D to wear Green. Yes, to wear all green. Not, just one day but for several days. I thought it was odd, because normally I feel lead to wear blue, red, white, a couple of times yellow, but this was the first time being lead by G-D to wear green.

Maybe this is why I didn’t get the messages straight away. I finally wised up and asked G-D… ” G-D, am I missing something? why is green right now every where I see or look online? I mean, even more people online are dying there hair green, and wearing green to. Is there something you are trying to tell me my L-d?”

No, I didn’t hear anything… laugh out loud… if thats what someone is wondering.

But, as they say…. I dreamed a dream..

Actually, a couple of dreams and I was reminded of some things previously said. I want to go over my dream journals with a new set of eyes, maybe I’ll be able to understand somethings I was confused about back then. That’s kind of how I have been feeling lately… like I don’t understand stand now, but surely later it’ll all make complete sense.

All that being said….

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of HaShem good understanding to all their practitioners His praise endures forever. Blessed is the name of His glorious Kingdom for all eternity.

The word of HaShem all Holy and Only Living Go-d how beautiful our time is together. What is coming about what shall be. So if the pawn the chimney ashes of baal, cow, and, sheep! Ashes of a great City. Holy seal corrupted. Remain in his hands garments of thieves. Garments of skins. Children tied tired, to sweep of witchcraft bells. witchcraft harlots the Catholic Rome System…. sweeps Baptist, sweeps Lutheran…. and more suites in the chimney of ashes. 10 ft deep children’s Graves lie sweeping in the children’s Graves of the innocent.

Ashes of graves of children. Wait for the graves sealed. Ashes speed up ways Shepherd’s flocks Disturbed grades. Scriptures sells. ….Graves ceremonies….. for many of the Lost children…. chimney sweeps.

Can you see about the children?

Watch for News of:

After the war of Texas leaving the Union and then being forced back into the union all debt of Texas during the war was wiped out.. #canceldebt History to repeat itself! Republic for not of. #waitforit

Georgia, Louisiana, and in Boston.

Boats, ships, cargo holders, skyscrapers……. wipe many of soap.

2022 through 2027.

5 years of death Mass deaths and death of masses.

Seven of the five years multiple born, death, reprized and found common among pain structure scriptures.

Descendants wiped out wiped out. The descendants pay off.

Military standards decaf. Military to rebuild into fourth? Estimated 100, 200, 300, about 400 million…. ready to serve of heart. Resolve. Restart Arise sons and daughters Zion is forever. don’t weep for whatever has to be. Don’t weep for what has been done in the name of preserving the masses who could be saved. Don’t weep. More harm is done wiping tears than rebuilding fences. Torn fences or walls .. rebuild it American forces reemerge with a force of vigilant grace..standards fly. War Time gear.

Let the schedule be missed?

In the schedule on the path of cargo ships. Children found in the ships of cargo. Hold and recap. Being rescheduled for the recap of the children who survived to deal with the ownership of the pedometer.

Ships emerge shipments found of sea bound children’s cargo.

Helpers of evil say, “resolved of statements dismissed stressed.” They say this to discredit the victims.

Patient Goldone

One stresses the facts has more information than the others. Able to give the facts that are found in the treasure trove of seams, drifts, ships, and cargo planes. Patient rescheduled for scheduled task.

New balancer.

Judgment serve, will be served.

Supreme Court members safe

Harassed judges. Judges Supreme Court meet for gross mass number saved.

Who prophesies calm? Peace?

When did common peace stabilize?

Who claimed the homes of the prophets scored?

Who wrote them scriptures of fame? Who I am. 

Green controller. 

 I remember this: Vision of Military taking over the News. #mariespeaksgodsgrace

Remark for alert alarm meant for sizable distressed ones masses understood nice President for orange man. Estimated danger.

#mustwatch 100 trillion ….80 trillion wiped out of debt.

Debt department

Good ones: Department of debt wiped out.

evil ones: Debt slaves the want to make sure for rescheduled masses for 2030 reschedule 2070 reschedule 3020 rescheduled for 2520 no more.

No more debt: planned rescheduled. Designed of mutants angels rescheduled. doomed play violin. message violin. damage violin. damaged.

America’s purpose of wealth.

Growth of Americans growth multiplied multiple births triplets quadruplets in America. Five of seven years tranquil Peace for years. Several years peaceful growth in peace HaShem blessed is he HaShem Amen and Amen.


Financial Change coming: Have you ever paid $3 for a computer or printer?

I had a clear vision last night that is only now making sense. A huge financial change is coming. I saw 3 weeks, I saw 4 months, I saw patience and kindness. I saw people buying computers and printers for $3 dollars. I wonder…. why or how … can this be? I heard…. patience… wait…

Greater than He is HaShem G-d of All.

snakes cruel commitment of pairs for the Paris the wicked targets, pain at schedules time. Welcome paired to the schedule for them, that the wicked, and the ones of the mutants (specifically the snakes or serpents) of science warfare.

Truth revealed about History and books of knowledge

Museums of wicked history facts blurred history, race, summoned for play time of evil ones. They confused the masses with speech and song. Web of lies spin this time found in spiral reveal. What an unveiling it is.

Many Years of Multiple births

507 years useful spirits renewed generations. Triplets, twins, quadruplets!

Replay life for death plan.

Welcomed birth places. Welcomed the babies of regrowth from all evil.

America for Jerusalem (share of wealthy Nations)

Military focused Supreme One Blessed be He, calls warriors of G-d…. United States for America.

American freedom. Wield, forged men, mighty soldiers of war! Oppressive to the hidden vile evil ones. Blessed for freedom heart of American. Freedom just Warriors! Warriors of freedom!

President (orange) for wartime blast freedom! Fire blast; freedom!  Courage ones. Freedom kings.


Celebrities used as a Greater enemies, More Plague Emergency alerts, Money New Release, and WAR Shofar Blast

Who are the bright ones?

(I honestly don’t know, but I guess we shall find out)

Freedom blindness of the bright ones. Freedom for all whom call HaShem L-d and King. G-d receives all who love Him.

Once fellow stars were leading for freedom upstairs wants freedom upstairs meant for all. Stars ways hold for righteousness.

Evil plans… stopped

wicked black stairs, waters, stair case of plenty access, denied.  


Builds up right upstairs? 911 downstairs uncovered.

Wipe the skyscraper. Truth is coming out for all to know.

That was the end of my experiences

I have been sitting and Praying and trying to understand things. I know some times things said don’t make sense until later.

And, I went back to hyper link and attached previous word or dreams I have had to try explain more clearly.

I believe 2023 5783 is going to be a wonderful year.

I Pray others have faith and Trust. HaShem took us our of Egypt, across a Sea, and sustained us while in a desert. If He was with us then He is with us now… for our G-D does not change.

Tehillim 46

To the chief Musician for the sons of Qoraĥ, A Song to ῾Alamot.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth change, and though the mountains are moved in the midst of the sea;

though its waters roar and are troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. (Sela.)

There is a river, whose streams make glad the city of God, the holiest dwelling place of the most High.

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her at the dawn of day.

Nations raged, kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted.

The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Ya῾aqov is our fortress. (Sela.)

Come, behold the works of the Lord, who has made desolations in the earth.

He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; he breaks the bow, and cuts the spear in sunder; he burns the chariots in the fire.

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Ya῾aqov is our fortress. (Sela.)


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After the war of Texas leaving the Union and then being forced back into the union all debt of Texas during the war was wiped out.. #canceldebt History to repeat itself! Republic for not of. #waitforit

Fun fact: After the war of Texas leaving the Union and then being forced back into the union all debt of Texas during the war was wiped out.. #canceldebt History to repeat itself! Republic for not of. #waitforit

Just for fun: Green, Blue, and Yellow. (a) The term “yaraḳ,” originally “pale,” is used to describe those uncertain colors which waver between green, yellow, and blue.

It is applied to the color of vegetation (Job xxxix. 8; II Kings xix. 26; Isa. xxxvii. 27), the fading color of decaying vegetation (Deut. xxviii. 22; Amos iv. 9; Hag. ii. 17), or of a panic-stricken countenance (Jer. xxx. 6).

“Yeraḳraḳ” (greenish or yellowish) is used of the appearance of plague-spots (Lev. xiii. 49, xiv.37) and of gold (Ps. lxviii. 13).

The term “ḥaraẓ,” applied to gold, probably means “yellow.” (b) The same root is used in later Hebrew and Aramaic for green, yellow, and blue (compare Yoreh De’ah, 188, 1).

Green is given as the color of leek (Ber. i. 2; Suk. iii. 6), and of myrtle (Meg. 13a). Yellow is the color of crocus (Niddah ii. 6; Ḥul. 47b), of cuscuta (Ḥul. l.c.), and of the yolk of an egg (ib.). The color of the “tarshish” (probably chrysolite or olivin) is like that of clear olive-oil (Num. R. ii. 7). Hence, “moriḳa” (crocus) and “yeraḳon” (jaundice). The verb “horiḳ” (Gen. R. xiii.; Ber. 44b) is used to denote “making pallid,” “pale,” especially the pale yellowish color of a frightened countenance (Soṭah iii. 4).

The same idea is conveyed by the verb “kirkem,” a denominative of the noun “karkom” (crocus). Compare, further, “moriḳa” (saffron-colored), from , a byform of (Levias, “Am. Jour. Semitic Lang.” xvi. 250); “ḥardali” (mustard-colored), used of the color of wine (Shab. 63a), “ḳela’illan,” an adaptation of κελαῖνου (sea-green, blue; compare Krauss, l.c.s.v.).

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