Get rid of all evil gear..don’t buy witchcraft symbols or art….its cursed..

This is a screen shot of a Metallica players guitar. On the guitar is a quija board. If one does not hear the evil in the lyrics of music…… please look here and see it.

These celebrities are no one to look up to. Most of these “people” have willingly sold their souls to evil dark epstein type baal aster forces.

They support evil then and most likely do now……. follow the money and crumbs.






and will He Guard our Soul.

If one willingly engages with musical sorcery sources and conjures’ like this group and others…who has openly said they sold their soul to the devil (cursed be he) for fame… that person is voiding the protection from Almighty of their soul.

A soul unprotected is open up to all the curses and plaques of Egypt, as well as the curses stated in Devarim Deuteronomy ch 28… and effect all the calamity in one’s life is deserved and earned.

Free will can be for Blessings or Curse…. the choice is yours. Ignorance is no excuse for violating man’s laws or G-D’s Laws.

I encourage others….. AVOID ALL EVIL AND Appearances of evil.

Throw it all away in the garbage where it belongs.

Do not ever sale cursed or evil goods, because money or gains or benefits from evil are themselves cursed and evil…. that can lead to generational cursed if passed on.

All art, music, books, t-shirts, socks…whatever it may be that is associated with these supporters or workers of iniquity…trash it.

But, also anything worn to their concerts where those self professed…demon supporters or possible demons in the flesh ,were lifted up as gods to be praised.

MOST IMPORTANT 🔥🔥🔥And apologize to the G-D of Abraham Isaac and Jacob…. for every single sin that was committed against HIS word related to this support or endorsement of these abominations.

This will allow the opportunity for healing, restoration, and salvation only the

Living G-d…. G-D of Abraham Isaac and Jacob….can bring.

It can be a tough or easy road depending on ones intestinal fortitude, but I’ve never heard anyone regret Repentance Teshuva and returning to HaShem The Merciful one.

Until, next…..time
Marie Speaks

Published by Marie Speaks G-D's Grace Bible Study

Welcome the following is a brief review of this Bible Study. 1. This BLOG post will have the resources and sources links for the Season 5 Bible Studies . 2. All Books used and Readings from during Live Bible Study can be found on Our Website: Marie Speaks GOD’s Grace. Live in the Season 5 portion of the website. 3. After Live Bible Studies have completed: I will upload to Rumble, and post link in this BLOG. How we conduct Bible Studies here: We believe G-D has called each of us to search matters out. (It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, And the glory of a king to plumb a matter. Like the heavens in their height, like the earth in its depth, Is the mind of kings—unfathomable.. Proverbs 25:2 -3) This is one reason why here at Marie Speaks G-D’s Grace Bible Study, we review several historical references and resources, of which we provide links and or screen shots for others to study at their leisure. We have been directed by G-D Wonderful and Almighty, to go Book by Book, Verse by Verse; sharing HIS Torah and Tanakh. We believe as directed by G-D Our Heavenly Father, learning and growing in Torah and Tanakh leads to understanding and wisdom; this shall only be achieved in reading, studying, and sharing HIS Word for ourselves; not relying on man. Learning, growing, and studying with OUR L-D is to be done with others that are like minded, but more so during our personal time. The BLOGs are written to assist those just beginning to study the BIBLE as a starting point. The Live or recorded Bible Studies are to cover and release opportunities and guidance, but ultimately is ones own personal responsibility to rule, govern, and be purposeful in their relationship with G-D. Proverbs 22: 4 thru 6 The effect of humility is fear of the LORD, Wealth, honor, and life. Thorns and snares are in the path of the crooked; He who values his life will keep far from them. Train a lad in the way he ought to go; He will not swerve from it even in old age. Ezekiel 18:20thru 22 The person who sins, he alone shall die. A child shall not share the burden of a parent’s guilt, nor shall a parent share the burden of a child’s guilt; the righteousness of the righteous shall be accounted to him alone, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be accounted to him alone. Moreover, if the wicked one repents of all the sins that he committed and keeps all My laws and does what is just and right, he shall live; he shall not die. None of the transgressions he committed shall be remembered against him; because of the righteousness he has practiced, he shall live. Is it my desire that a wicked person shall die?—says the L-d G-D. It is rather that he shall turn back from his ways and live. May HaShem, Blessed be He continue to Bless us all and may we all be forever written in the Book of Life. O'Amein and O'Amein Let US Begin!!!!

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