This week’s Jewish terminology word is: Chumash, Humash, and Pentateuch

This week’s Jewish terminology word is: Chumash, Humash, and Pentateuch … three for the wonderful Blessings of one!

Shalom Children of G-d! Welcome back to Marie Speaks G-d’s Grace Bible Study.

Today we are going to go over our Jewish terminology for the week.

This weeks word is: Chumash, Humash, and Pentateuch … three for the wonderful Blessings of one!

How did we get Blessed with three words this week?

Well, one of the students randomly flipped to pg 27 of my personally owned The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic 2001 copyright 1st edition.

I’m not paid to endorse nor affiliated.  This book is from my personal library. I purchased this book from you can get your own personal low price copy using the link here .

Back to today’s fun three for one Jewish Terminology Word of the Week…. so there we were sitting around wondering what the Jewish Terminology Word for the week would be. I handed be bJPS dictionary to the first student o raise their hand. That hand little student flipped the page 27 and pointed…. and looked up so confused then asked ,” Ms. Marie, what does this word say?” I looked down at the page where the student was pointing and said ,”Well, it says Chumash, but we need to see Humash to find the definition of the word of Chumash.”

This was fun for me… I do enjoy when a lesson turns into multiple lessons in one, plus a conversation. In this case we had an opportunity to learn how to look up a word in the dictionary (book form). Which believe it or not many students don’t know how to do these days. I do my best to always encourage others out there….. printed books … printed books and ……more printed books.. if it ain’t in ones hands; it ain’t real..just like gold or silver.

Yes, I know e-books are cheaper and save space, but the printed word has built and change nations. Printed books, can’t be manipulated as easy ain’t that right now you know who you are hmmmmm sip sip that tea. #themoreyouknow

Continuing on:

So after showing the children how to look up the word Humash in my JPS dictionary page 64, we read out loud the definition;

Humash: A Hebrew noun pronounced (hoo-MAHSH); in the plural Humashim (hoo-mah-SHEEM) Derived form hamesh, the Hebrew word for “five“. A bound book containing the Five Books of Moses that is used in synagogue or for study. A Humash contain the weekly Torah portions in English. It also contains the weekly haftarah portions in Hebrew and in English. In synagogue, congregants use i to follow the Torah readings. See Pentateuch.

What are the five books of Moses?

Often referred to as Torah, especially when in scroll format, the Five Books of Moses are the foundation of Judaism.

Bereishit (Genesis): The creation of the world and the early history of the Jewish nation, including the stories of Adam and Eve, NoahAbraham and Sarah, and Joseph.

Shemot (Exodus): The slavery in Egypt, the Exodus, the Giving of the Torah, and the building of the Tabernacle.

Vayikra (Leviticus): Deals with the Temple sacrifices, kosher, and other aspects of Jewish ritual life.

Bamidbar (Numbers): Many events that happened to the Israelites on their way to the promised land, including G‑d counting the people, the Spies debacle, the Korach uprising.

Devarim (Deuteronomy): Nearing the end of his 40 years of leadership, Moses speaks to the people, preparing them for life in the Promised Land

What Is the Torah Portion?

The weekly Torah portionparshat hashavuah (also spelled parashat hashavuah) serves as the focal point for much Jewish learning, from individual study to informal discussion groups to rabbis’ sermons.

What Is the Haftarah, and Why Do We Read It?

Traditionally, on Shabbat and holiday mornings, a selection from one of the biblical books of the Prophets is read after the Torah reading. The portion is known as the haftarah (hahf-tah-RAH, or in Ashkenazic Hebrewhahf-TOH-rah). On two fast days, Yom Kippur and Tisha B’av, a haftarah is recited at both morning and afternoon services.

oooooooh that was a lot of fun am I right!

And for the bonus of the bonus round… the third word for this fun filled Jewish Terminology Word of the Week…. Pentateuch.

Now we have the awesome opportunity to look up another wonderful Jewish Terminology Word: Pentateuch which one student found on page 118 of the JPS dictionary and it read:

Pentateuch: An English noun from the Greek word for “five”. Another name for the Torah. This is also the name given to the actual book used in synagogue, which contains the Torah and commentaries on it. See Humash.

And there we have it friends not only growing more and learning beautiful words for our Torah, but sharing how wonderful homeschooling is and how magical printed books can be.

The five books of Moses are the most power books in the world; I would dare say.

These printed words, have shared the heart and desires of our Almighty Father who is in Heaven.

These printed words, have shared with G-d’s Creation everywhere, His desire to be with us and dwell among us once again.

These printed words, tell us how our Heavenly Savior HaShem, can and will always be here with us if we would only seek for Him with all our heart.

These printed words were first only spoken, but look how long they have lasted in print.

These words, have out last evil tormentors, brutal dictators, explosions, raids, trails of tears, and even several Holocaust, just to name a few.

These words are eternal. I Pray as we Light up our Hanukkah candles this night and for the next 7 nights, we remember the spoken then printed words of the Maccabean times are not just a story of how HaShem can and will bring His people to victory…… if and when we seek Him and stay right to Him and His Torah.

Let this be a reminder of those who have died so that we might be here today to be a light to nations. More than just stories or words on a page or scroll. This is our Heritage and Inheritance. This Torah is the very breath our Father breath in to the first man and the very breath He Himself will release when He dwells amongst us once again…may He send His Mashiach…. soon in our days.

As we light the menorah please remember…we may speak different words or different language from all over this earth our Father has created….., but in the end HaShem is only asking for one back from us….. can you guess what it is?

Deuteronomy / Devarim chapter 4 verse 29 thru 40

But if you search there, you will find your God יהוה, if only you seek with all your heart and soul—

when you are in distress because all these things have befallen you and, in the end, return to and obey your God יהוה.

For your God יהוה is a compassionate God, who will not fail you nor let you perish; [God] will not forget the covenant made on oath with your fathers.

You have but to inquire about bygone ages that came before you, ever since God created humankind on earth, from one end of heaven to the other: has anything as grand as this ever happened, or has its like ever been known?

Has any people heard the voice of a god speaking out of a fire, as you have, and survived?

Or has any deity ventured to go and take one nation from the midst of another by prodigious acts, by signs and portents, by war, by a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and awesome power, as your God יהוה did for you in Egypt before your very eyes?

It has been clearly demonstrated to you that יהוה alone is God; there is none else.

From the heavens [God] let you hear the divine voice to discipline you; on earth [God] let you see the great divine fire; and from amidst that fire you heard God’s words.

And having loved your ancestors, [God] chose their heirs after them; [God] personally in great, divine might—led you out of Egypt,

to drive from your path nations greater and more populous than you, to take you into their land and assign it to you as a heritage, as is still the case.

Know therefore this day and keep in mind that יהוה alone is God in heaven above and on earth below; there is no other.

Observe God’s laws and commandments, which I enjoin upon you this day, that it may go well with you and your children after you, and that you may long remain in the land that your God יהוה is assigning to you for all time.

Omayn and Omayn

#Chag #Sameach #hanukkah 

in closing…….

This weeks word was selected at random from my personally owned The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic 2001 copyright 1st edition.

I’m not paid to endorse nor affiliated.  This book is from my personal library. I purchased this book from you can get your own personal low price copy using the link below.

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