This week’s Jewish terminology word is: Kallah

This week’s Jewish terminology word is: Kallah

Shalom Children of G-d! Welcome back to Marie Speaks G-d’s Grace Bible Study.

Today we are going to go over our Jewish terminology for the week.

This weeks word is: Kallah

Kallah is a Hebrew word pronounced…. (KAH-lah) beautiful word can be applied to several different situations for several different meanings.

  1. A bride; a young newly married woman.
  2. A metophor that describes the Sabbath as a lovely bride. It is found in the song “Lekhah Dodi” in which we sing: “Go, my beloved, to meet the bride. Let us welcome the Sabbath.

The version of the song that I listen to is below: I am obviously still learning the Hebrew words and translations too the beautiful songs that we sing on The Holy Shabbat. I have found learning Hebrew with song and music has been made easier then with just cards and books.

I honestly do enjoy our wonderful songs and Praising HaShem for the great and mighty works Our Blessed Father has done setting us free from Egypt and resting after finishing all creation. Every Shabbat, I learn something new. I honestly have enjoyed learning how to properly obverse Shabbat. I also have truly enjoy learning how to …

Yes, rest.

Short story here: For those who haven’t been here since season one… I first started trying to observe the Shabbat or learning how to obverse the Shabbat…..about six or seven years ago.

At first, I am going to be honest…. I found it very difficult to learn how to … rest.

Looking back… I admit I had no clue and probably still don’t know what true rest is.

It honestly has taken me quite sometime to even learn that the rest that I need for each Shabbat might be different and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

Yes, I can make anything into a self competition and find away to give myself a passing or failing score. And tooooo often I give myself a failing score. Not, trying to be too had on my self. But, when something is very improtant to me… I fully admit I can go a little over board.

like a #karen , but instead of to the public a karen to myself…. yeah sometimes I am odd!

lol….. a fact many who know me.. know is something I have been working on for quite sometime. I really don’t like that I don’t that, but I do. I don’t give a score card to others for the record….., but myself… yep.

Moving on back to the topic… learning how to find rest…….

I find it truly odd how as a human I have been conditioned, groomed… even, or taught unhealthy ways to “rest” or “relax”. Vegging out on t.v., or ungodly songs, and rock and roll life style drink and drown hours…… ugh! … #ThankyouHaShem all that is over! Teshuva is amazing and freeing for those who are wondering…

So what changed or how have I improved in finding rest?

Torah. Tanakh. and HaShem Blessed be He.

Until, I found how to truly learn…love and hide in Torah… ugh I had zero rest.

Until, I set aside everything and everyone.. (as humanly possible.. because you know parent and spouse duty are never ending for us right)

But, I can honestly, say… waking early or sleeping in, saying first thing my morning Shabbat Prayers, knowing the slow cooker has been making ready over night the next meals so I don’t have to fuss.

Being able to sitting down and reading Torah and Tanakh for hours on the Shabbat.

Fun Fact: this Shabbat I read The Book of Joshua (first 10 chapters) with commentary. (love love love)

Finding rest in. being a Bride.. Kallah…..

Then going out and taking a peaceful walk with no electronics. Or, going the park and watching birds sing, families play, and looking up… I can take a deep long breath and Thank my G-D, My Creator, My One and Only Savior.. my Merciful Father in Heaven HaShem for allowing me to delight in His Shabbat.

I am not truly sure.. if I am meeting of the halakhot, but I am doing my best to improve with each Shabbat.

Originally the term halakhah (plural. halakhot) had the meaning of the particular law or decision in a given instance, as in the frequent expression “this is a law given to Moses on Sinai” ( Halakhah le-Moshe mi-Sinai ).

Below is are two classes… given by Rabbi Chaim Coffman that I enjoyed. These classes in my opinion give a great example and explanation of the joy in Shabbat and Rest of HaShem.

I wanted to share with out in case some don’t have an authentic Jewish source to learn from, are looking for a Rabbi to learn, and maybe aren’t quite ready to go in person to a Synagogue. I hope everyone enjoys. And hey, maybe reach our in the comments and ask the good Rabbi any questions that one might have.

For me: I can honestly, say…. studying Torah and Tanakh and sitting in Prayer with my Siddur on the Shabbat … is my warm, safe, loving, happy place with my one true love…. Blessed be His Name… HaShem.

The third possible definition given for our Jewish Terminology word: Kallah is……

3. A study session, over serval days in length, set aside for learning. A kallah is often sponsored by a synagogue.

For those who are gaining in their relationship with G-D, our Blessed One forever and ever.. I do Pray you get a chance to Rest and Delight in the Shabbat, Torah Study time, or begin to visit your local Synagogue and perhaps start your very own journey returning to Torah in whatever way HaShem Our King and Lord guides you. And hey…. why not bring a close friend and family… after all family is what Judaism is about and what I think Our Father always intended.

Below is my favorite Shabbat play list. I play this sometimes even to sleep too…

and this one too.

Some wonderful music in my opinion.

I pray others do take time out this season and every season to focus on our creator and give Him and Him alone all the Glory, Honor, and Praise…for saving our Nation then and now.

As it is written…. Isaiah 58 verses 13 thru 14

If you “turn back your foot from.”refrain from trampling the sabbath,
From pursuing your affairs on My holy day;
If you call the sabbath “delight,”
The LORD’s holy day “honored”;
And if you honor it and go not your ways
Nor look to your affairs, nor strike bargains—

Then you can seek the favor of the LORD.
I will set you astride the heights of the earth,
And let you enjoy the heritage of your father Jacob—
For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.

Welcome The Bride.. to be the Bride.


in closing…….

This weeks word was selected at random from my personally owned The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic 2001 copyright 1st edition.

I’m not paid to endorse nor affiliated.  This book is from my personal library. I purchased this book from… you can get your own personal low price copy using the link below..

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Until next time, with God’s beautiful Mercy and Grace we will see each other soon.,


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