I dreamed a dream

Word from the LORD for this Period in the Season for the next Season to come.

Title: I dreamed a dream

To the Children of the Only Living G-D

Note: I will not be sharing a live Bible Study this week.

 I feel that G-D wanted me and us to focus on this Word and Leadings and Visions for this week.

Let us begin.

January 21, 2022/ 5782

GOD gives Us a Word through a Parable Dream and Vision.

Why certain Prophets over certain locations say one thing… and Prophets over another location say something else, different, or contradictory?

Vision: This was a vision. Some of G-D’s Prophets are ready to teach others to play TAPs, but the tune that blows of the Trumpet is Star Wars.

Meaning :There is a Great War in the Heavenly. The Armies of G-D and the evil ones are in several battles over several locations. Breaking down strong holds of evil.

What is TAPs?: ”Taps” is a bugle call during flag ceremonies and at military funerals by the United States Armed Forces. The official military version is played by a single bugle or trumpet, although other versions of the tune may be played in other contexts. 

Words to Taps

(Note: there are no “official” words to Taps but the most popular Taps Lyrics are below)

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the hills, from the lake, from the skies.
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Go to sleep, peaceful sleep, may the soldier
or sailor, God keep. On the land or the deep, Safe in sleep.

Love, good night, must thou go,
when the day, and the night need thee so?
All is well. Speedeth all To their rest.

Fades the light;
And afar Goeth day,
And the stars Shineth bright,
Fare thee well;
Day has gone, night is on.

Thanks and praise, for our days,
‘Neath the sun, Neath the stars, ‘Neath the sky,
As we go, this we know, God is nigh.

These Taps Lyrics are the most popular, however several adaptions have been created.

Looking at the lyrics and leadings from Our Father in Heaven; I don’t believe we should be in fear.

Some of G-D’s Prophets are promoting fear.  (Some pushing fear are false Prophets or merely looking for fame.) If prophets are speaking out of evil or against G-D’s True Word or seeking fame…… they are in rebellion( which is a form of witch craft). I condition others to take care and seek G-D on who they should listen to or follow or donate.

I believe, G-D is Celebrating the Victory. I believe some areas as said by GOD, will have troubles, while other areas are Blessed and protected.

Just as in the Book of Exodus on the Passover Night and the Days leading up to the Pass Over. Those who hated or hated, G-D will be receiving trials and tribulation, but the People who Love G-D will be safe at home and Protected from the spirit of death that is passing over the houses. 

Why some much confusion with wars and battles?

And when ye heare of warres and insurrections, revolutions, disturbances, uprisings, seditions, riots, rebellions, commotions, or revolts, be not afraid: for these things must first come, but the ende foloweth not by and by.

Some Prophets are called or being told By G-D the Great I AM, to warn the areas where there will be or shall be great evils including witch craft or battle, especially street wars.

Just as ……….

Some Prophets have be called to bring in the Spirit of Peace and ease fears to locations deemed by GOD as “safe or righteous lands”.  

To Traveling Prophets, Seers, Healers and so on…others…. of Judgement, Warnings, and Peace: This is being done by travel for example or visiting certain locations to Pray over those locations. Or, to sending out warning for locations to Repent before the Judgement of G-D falls on those lands. 

Jeremiah and Jonah are great examples of this traveling and Warnings of Judgement acceptance and Calls to Repent.

To Those Prophets, Seers, Healers and so on…others : Others have been told to continue on with their individual tasks and assignments.  

Not every one of G-D Prophets, or  Seers, Healers and so on…others ….. are called to be in every fight or every battle.  If all Prophets, Seers, Healers and so on…others were fighting, who would be helping to heal the broken or weak? 

Who would teach the way wards how to correct actions in life?  

If everyone were on the same task, everything would fall apart because other very important task would not be tended too. 

Note: Always get assignments from G-D, not man. 

I suggest, checking in with G-D periodically and ask HIM if there needs to be correction or ask G-D how are one is doing, if we are on task.  This is a good practice I believe. In my opinion asking and checking in with G-D keeps us humble and able to correct errors immediately and Repent to stay on course with YAH. 

Continuing on….

We as are mere humans, we need to understand one focus is never going to mean the same for all over  and for all over this fallen world. 


Because G-D has many soldiers. YES, this is true. 

But, the devil, satan, and fallen “Lucifer”; have many parts of their evil body too.

Different locations have different task and assignments to battle or route out different demons, evil spirits, or heal demonic strong holds… just to name a few of the assignments.

See, as in when GOD said in Joel 2 28- 29 And afterward will I pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.

And also upon the servants, and upon the maids in those days will I pour my Spirit.

This is plural meaning many, meaning several, meaning over several years, and seasons and of course several locations and different times; or even at the same time. After all GOD is in control.

Please take condition Children of G-D not to speak against G-D’s TRUE Prophets.

As well as: 1 Chronicles 16:22

JPS Tanakh 1917

Touch not Mine anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.’

Brenton Septuagint Translation

saying, Touch not my anointed ones, and deal not wrongfully with my prophets.

  This being said and commanded by Almighty G-D: If ever concerned or not sure; ask G-D and He will direct your sail.  Granted there are those false prophets or teachers out there that are as clear as day. Those are not the ones I am conditioning against…. I mean if a Prophet of G-D says something new and perhaps we don’t understand or what it said seems unbelievable; this is when we ask G-D especially.

More over,

Remember when GOD’s Word says

These different parts of the army are in different locations for G-D’s purpose not ours.

Would the following make any sense or be of the best use?

 If our eyes where on the bottom of our feet, well they would go into our shoes. This would not help us to see? 

In addict to being difficult to walk from police to place. 

In same manner……..

Would our hands being attached directly to our spine help assist in opening up doors. No.


Trust G-D, HE has put HIS Servants in locations on earth as needed and required for HIS Agenda, not our comfort, but for our benefit. G-D’s Words and Guidance flows out of their mouth. Let’s not be petty or bitter or lust after the anointing that G-D has placed in others. AMEN.

Are there some false fame seeking prophets of ba’al, Yes.  But, G-D is taking care of them in the Justice area as well. So again, if every not sure; seek G-D first and ask for Wisdom and Discernment.

Jan 26, 2022/ 5782

GOD gives Us a Word through a Parable Dream and Vision.

Vision: People packing and moving boxes. People very happy to finally being or becoming home owners and buying new or used house.

Meaning, Warning, and Guidance: For those purchasing new houses. I believe G-D showed us to be careful . Look at fine print for prices or cost being snuck in. Review contracts very carefully. Never skip inspection to “save” money. Will or might cost more in the end.  Read entire contract. Have professional look over contract and explain everything. Many evil schemes are cheating people out of money and land and property.

Double check electrical.

Some houses have been put together cheaply. A lot of corners cut. 

Those purchasing vehicles, also beware. 

Some vehicles have been put together much like legos. This lego vehicles were surrounded by dirty water in the vision. This means that the vehicle are lemons or would break down soon after purchase. Be careful. It’s better to wait and rely on G-D then rush into or give into pressure to buy and end up with a lego broken vehicle. 

Some are moving and choosing new churches. Some of of the “new” “churches” are worst than the “churches” one just left. Some are in “churches” G-D no longer wants them at.

 For those looking for home “churches”, several will find a good GODly , but not perfect church soon like 6 months. 

Others, you are the “church”. So much so, you won’t feel at home where ever you go. So ask GOD what church will do for each season. But, sometimes the problem is ones expectations. 

Yes, but also many don’t feel settle any where they are deeper problems going on with that person. A traveling  vagabond can sometimes exist in Christians. Seek G-D for peace and guidance. Fasting and Pray to rid this evil spirit, might be needed.

***update** I Now, beieve this means , many will be leaving Christianity, seeing finally that it is a false man made religion**** There have been many converting to Judaism!***

Jan 29, 2022/ 5782

Vision: People were getting married, buying houses, having parties. People were living joyful lives and then the sky turned dark we all looked around. I saw the moon turn blood red. I dropped to my knees and yelled YESHUA!!!! Repeatedly……….

The Sun turned dark , the sky went dark , and the moon was as blood. Everyone asked what was going on. I looked to the moon and knew we are the last generation. I fell to me knees and screamed out YESHUA, YESHUA. Over and over, Other joined in calling YESHUA.  Many began to cry out. We knew we are the last generation.

I woke up scared. I never had a vision like this before. I didn’t know what to do. I began to ask GOD what was shown. 

I was lead to Joel ch 2 30- 32 And I will show [r]wonders in the heavens and in the earth: blood and fire, and pillars of smoke.

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

But whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord, shall be saved: for in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant, whom the Lord shall call.

Before the sun went dark, many were being delivered from unclean spirits, sickness, illness, and diseases. For some reason the earth seemed colder yet, other felt the earth warmth enough to still want to go swimming.  

At the pools, many were being baptized. Many souls were coming to CHRIST. Many people were so happy and in love, some had just gotten married or were in the middle of planning their wedding. 

When the sky turned dark, the moon as blood, everything was silent. People looked around asking, “What is going on?”  I told them, “YESHUA is coming back!” 

This vision stayed heavy on me for days. I keep thinking about this vision. In fact, this vision scared me. I found after this dream I was Praying for trying to Pray and I just had a fear of the LORD on me for days. I have been asking GOD and researching the DAY of the LORD on and off since.

*** At the time, I obviously, believe in the false Rome 325 definition of yeshua. I now know yeshua means savior. I think lookin gup at the sky and seeing the sky darken, I was calling out for our Savior, which is the Only Living G-D HaShem***update

Feb 10, 2022/ 5782

Vision: Taxes, Clowns around to peoples homes trying to collect fraud taxes. 

Meaning and leading:  (Property Owners Message)To those who are thinking of saying their property I believe GOD is warning be careful who one sales too. Aiming to make great amount of money and sailing to evil people or Black Water companies will be seen as a sin or aiding the kingdom of darkness. 

To those who have rental properties: I also believe GOD is saying not to raise rent, but instead have faith that GOD will provide and add to our accounts.  Don’t raise rent and make things harder on ones renters. But, instead give the sacrifice as an offering unto GOD and be rewarded for the faith and trust in the LORD.

Property taxes look to be going up this year. But, soon there will be no property tax. In fact, many tax Caterogies will be removed or abolished soon. Especially, in GODly States; money will flow like wine.  Prosperity, won’t begin to explain the wealth that will take place. (For believers especially, but I do fell in general many locations that Repented the past 3 years will see great wealth.) 

Oil is Black Gold. 

Silver is wealth. 

Gold is riches.

Mirco-Cryptos are billions to the air made.

Congrats to those we have sewn and never wavered. Congrats to those who did not pay into evil or let money be come an idol or as use to harm others. 

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser.

As a side note: Remember the lonely and the poor, but I don’t believe there will be many lonely or poor in the next coming season. I believe even or especially 3rd World Nations are going to see the Wealth of Heaven poured out onto them.

Feb 10, 2022/ 5782

Vision: Many of GOD’s people want to “get into the fight”. Not everyone is called to be directly in the battle. Everyone in the Army of GOD has a job, yes. But, not all are called to be on the front lines. In the military there are cooks, there are admin, there is legal and so on.

If every Army member was infantry, several the Army would not be a souvenir type of force and source. The Army or Military can basically exist on its own and be quit sustainable; same with the Army of GOD. 

Some members of GOD’s Army are being called to rest and recoup, while others are battling it out this season.  Don’t feel guilty about needed a break. It is a break well earned. I believe GOD is rewarding HIS faithful with rest in comfort. The vision I saw was members of the ARMY of GOD logging under tress, sipping tea and eating bread. While, on the other side of the field there was a great battle on the earth and in the Heavens. I ask Our LORD why I couldn’t go fight. 

Our LORD said, this s a time of rest for some. I think many of us will be very busy later. So GOD is giving us rest now, but also rewarding us for the continued hard work. Pushing hard and through, we have all done the last couple of years; is being rewarded.  There has been heavy spiritual warfare. I think back to when 2019 winter began, we were doing daily Prayers and Bible Studies, and videos without Our normal breaks. Only now have we really slowed down.  

Our rest is an active rest. We often still Pray, Fast, and Study, but we have an extra hedge or Grace in Protect from G-D so we can actually rest and not feel on guard. We might face little issues, but this season should not be anything as difficult as our previous seasons.  (I am glad for this.)

Vision: Promotions in GOD’s Army

Many are getting promoted this season

I saw many in new uniforms.

I saw many moving into new offices.

I saw many being set up into new team or work groups.

Meaning: Many are going to receive a promotion for their faithful work in this season. Time frame of April and May and June and July. Congrats!!!!!  (Please don’t be like the one I saw in my vision who got a big head about himself. Ugh I can’t stand big headed people, but that is just me)

The new uniforms are many those new to the Army of GOD, Yes.  But, also some were switching from Army to Navy. So some might have be greatly talented in earthly means, but now they will have the anointing of on their talent, which has be turned from a talent into the calling and anointed by GOD’s blessings and given New Life.  

What one does with this new anointment, shall and will determine the outcome. Will those people hold this Blessings and Callings as a precious Gift Sacred unto HaShem? Or, will they be like the one I saw in the vision and use the anointing as a side show act to show off and boast? 

Please remember, what we don’t steward in GODliness, we will reap in troubles or despair. 

Many read and speak of Taming the tongue, but I believe these verse are about not abusing the WORD and Anointing of GOD or one will be judged harshly.

Direction to Tame our tongues.

Feb 1, 2022/5782

Vision: Slaves in or of the Congo

I saw many Slaves in the Congo. I saw slaves working on animal hides in the Congo. I asked many questions, I don’t remember them all. The workers were in roles in huts or factory huts, working on hides. I was walking and I was so sad for their long hours and pain. The slaves were so beautiful and strong bodies. I can’t describe any  other way, but they were absolutely dark and beautiful. They had their backs to me as they worked. They don’t not look around as they worked the hides. 

I asked about them being set free. I asked how can we help. I asked some many questions. I believe we are to Pray for their Freedom in the Congo. That slavery be abolished. I do believe Liberations are going to happen, but it might take sometime. I don’t know if around 2030 or 2035 there will and shall be changes. I believe there will be Liberations in the Congo by 2035 maybe earlier. Huge changes are going to the area. I am not from there, so I don’t really understand everything I saw. But, I do know huge changes are coming. Such as: Fighting and rescues. So much pain is there. The beautiful people of the Congo need our Prayers.

Vision: April to be a Huge month for many. I believe what didn’t happen for many in December will happen in April. Obviously, this word would be for those that felt GOD was having a Promise come to pass during this time frame. 

Why was there a delay in the promise or meeting or event?

Something was not followed through with, for some. Somethings were not quit complete, for many. But, also some just weren’t ready completely.

If one is waiting or has been waiting for their Spiritual Spouse…….. soon.

 Meaning this April without a doubt your spouse is coming. Now don’t get mad if you don’t realize who he or she is until December.

Just write it down in your Prayer Journal and Prayer and of course confirm with GOD. 


One might initially meet their Spiritual Legal Spouse in April, but not start dating until December. For example… so be patient not thirsty or disparate, and wait on GOD’s timing. Walk out every day expecting to meet your spouse for those who this word is for. 

Start, planning and so on. Go where GOD leads you to go. DO things and wear what GOD tells you to wear. Don’t put limits on GOD. Miracles happen with faith and action.

Feb 20, 2022/ 5782

Vision: I keep seeing recalls for the retirees.  

I also see those who were wrongly let go, being asked back into the military. I believe this will  happen immediately for some, but as cancer and death tolls raise in the military this will increase. 

I believe the military will see many cases of saturated illnesses.

Corrections: being done to many DD214s: Some retirement documents were done incorrectly and corrections are being review and submitted and made.

Feb 21 and 24, 2022/ 5782

Vision: Power outages… why necessary?

Look for stores that have the older system of money. 

The stores that are super high-tech and not taking cash will not be useful when the power goes out. If one can buy local as for as goods. Make the list now and write is down on paper. 

Keep this list in safe place. Update regularly. When power goes out might be for  a while, but not too long for many places. Some places might be longer than others, because more “cleaning up” is needed.

The location monitoring sky demons are being dismantled. The evil tracking system are being brought down low. 

Outages are happened as each location is being set free from evil monitoring of the sky spy demons for the evil ones in evil high powers of evil governments.

No news is good new.

Power outage as far as news will be good for some places or locations. The news won’t be able to cast spells of panic on citizens and locations. The news won’t be able to spread fear and will keep damages lower. Human life is precious. News if let to keep goin would ensure mass panic and lead to a lot of mass deaths. But, with the news stations out, this will help many live and not be harmed.

Vision: There will be a huge scandal about doctors who placed bets on patients deaths.  These doctors would take bets on injuries and pay outs were in the millions. Dark bets medical edition.

March 2, 2022/ 5782

Vision: Volcanos in unexpected locations

I saw volcano erupting in unexpected locations. Volcanos sprung up out of mountains. These locations are going to be judged for their evil they have done. 

Those leaders over those areas refused to Repent and therefore Judgement is their reward, says the LORD of HOST. 

Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Austin; evil strong holds. 

Europe, Australia, Rome will be as Pompeii. 

Dust in the air. 

Ashes from splendor. 

For all the gold Rome owned, now only dust is formed.  Cathedrals crumble in a day, when evil lands go evil ways. 

IF they had Repented on bend knee, but not so for them. Pride and vanity was their strength? 

Why not humble? 

Why not be saved?

 Why not humble ones self and live the ages and ages with CHRIST? 

Woe to you evil eyes of Rome. 

Woe to You cold hearts of Rome. 

Woe to you store houses of horror and pain. 

Rain won’t wash away the filter of stains and blood soaked graves in the land, but fire and dust kindled can. 

Evil attacks on people common. But, soon the GLORY of the LORD will shine through and let all evil ones know the True GOD of the Universe. Those who serve mammon and ba’al will receive their just rewards; says the LORD of ALL.

Fall of the cabal, and how great is that fall. 

Vision: muslim nations especially muslim Women; turning to christianity (not knowing any better) in record breaking numbers. 

They didn’t know they were serving a dead god, but now think they have been set and made free in “jesus”.

I heard the reason why Women are more in Tune or able to receive the Spirit of GOD easer, is because Adam came from clay and Eve came from Adam’s rib after He was made into a Clay formed Spiritual Living Soul. 

If this is the case, a lot of my questions are answered.

I Pray others got something out of these Visions and Leadings from Our Father in Heaven. I Truly do have fun sitting and talking with GOD.  I look forward to when we all will be in HIS presence forever.

Blessings and Prayers,


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