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Halley’s Bible Hand Book Numbers ch 9:

Link to e-version of Halley’s Bible Handbook:

Richards’ Complete Bible Handbook 

Numbers ch 9:

(retrieved from:, date 21 Oct, 2021/ 5782)


Eerdmans’ Handbooks to the Bible 

Numbers ch 9:

(retrieved from:, 21 Oct, 2021/5781

2. Geneva 1560 Bible Teaching Notes: 

Numbers ch 9:

Link to e-version of Geneva Bible 1560/1599: 

9:1 thru 9:5And the Lord spake vnto Moses in the wildernes of Sinai, in the first moneth of the second yeere, after they were come out of the land of Egypt, saying,  The children of Israel shall also celebrate the Passeouer at ye time appointed thereunto.  In the fourtenth day of this moneth at euen, ye shall keepe it in his due season: according to all the ordinances of it, and according to all the ceremonies thereof shall ye keepe it.  Then Moses spake vnto the children of Israel, to celebrate the Passeouer.  And they kept the Passeouer in the fouretenth day of the first moneth at euen in the wildernesse of Sinai: according to all that the Lord had comanded Moses, so did ye children of Israel.

The links below are to the Live Bible Study of Exodus ch 12, when HaShem, first instructed HIS people through HIS Prophet Moses to observe the Passover.

9:6 thru 9:8And certaine men were defiled by a dead man, that they might not keepe the Passeouer the same day: and they came before Moses and before Aaron the same day.  And those men said vnto him, We are defiled by a dead man: wherefore are wee kept backe that we may not offer an offering vnto the Lord in the time thereunto appointed among the children of Israel?  Then Moses saide vnto them, Stande still, and I will heare what the Lord will commande concerning you.

Most likely at this time Moses went to Cast Lots or Urim Thummim or talk to GOD face to face. 

Regarding Cast Lots or Urim Thummim: this was a process of the lighting up of the Breast Plate worn by the High Priest of the Tabernacle. When the Prophet of GOD would ask GOD a question, the Breast Plate Stones of Remembrance would light up. The lighting up of the breastplate would be in a certain pattern based off the 12 Tribes which would also spell  words in the Hebrew language. This was one of the Supernatural and Spiritual ways of which Our Father in Heaven would use to communicate with HIS Prophets and High Priest.

9:9 thru 9:14And the Lord spake vnto Moses, saying, Speake vnto the children of Israel, and say, If any amog you, or of your posteritie shalbe vncleane by ye reason of a corps, or be in a log iourney, he shall keepe the Passeouer vnto ye Lord. In the fourtenth day of the second moneth at euen they shall keepe it: with vnleauened bread and sowre herbes shall they eate it. They shall leaue none of it vnto the morning, nor breake any bone of it: according to all the ordinance of the Passeouer shall they keepe it. But the man that is cleane and is not in a iourney, and is negligent to keepe the Passeouer, the same person shalbe cut off from his people: because he brought not the offring of the Lord in his due season, that man shall beare his sinne. And if a stranger dwell among you, and wil keepe the Passeouer vnto the Lord, as the ordinance of the Passeouer, and as the maner thereof is, so shall he do: ye shall haue one lawe both for the stranger, and for him that was borne in the same lande.

“as the maner thereof is, so shall he do: ye shall haue one lawe both for the stranger, and for him that was borne in the same lande.”

I love how GOD points out here how we, as Children of GOD are to ensure our company or strangers (as in new comers to the faith) are to ensure we observe GOD’s Laws including HIS Biblical Feast.  The world wants Christians to believe if we as Christians observe GOD’s Laws we are “pushing our religion” on people. But the truth is we are being obedient to GOD. 

If our relationship with GOD offends people….maybe those are people who should not be are people or around us to be offended. 


9:15 thru 9:23And when the Tabernacle was reared vp, a cloude couered the Tabernacle, namely the Tabernacle of the Testimonie: and at euen there was vpon the Tabernacle, as the appearance of fire vntill the morning.So it was alway: the cloude couered it by day, and the appearance of fire by night.And when the cloude was taken vp from the Tabernacle, then afterwarde the children of Israel iourneyed: and in the place where the cloude abode, there the children of Israel pitched their tents. At the commandement of the Lord the children of Israel iourneyed, and at the comandement of the Lord they pitched: as long as the cloude abode vpon the Tabernacle, they lay still.  And when the cloude taryed stil vpon the Tabernacle a long time, the childre of Israel kept the watch of the Lord, and iourneyed not.  So when the cloud abode a few dayes vpon the Tabernacle, they abode in their tents according to the comandement of ye Lord: for they iourneyed at the commandement of the Lord.  And though the cloud abode vpon the Tabernacle from euen vnto the morning, yet if the cloude was taken vp in the morning, then they iourneyed: whether by daye or by night the cloude was taken vp, then they iourneyed. Or if the cloude taryed two dayes or a moneth, or a yeere vpon the Tabernacle, abiding thereon, the children of Israel abode still, and iourneyed not: but when it was taken vp, they iourneyed. At the commandement of the Lord they pitched, and at the commandement of the Lord they iourneyed, keeping the watch of the Lord at the commandement of the Lord by the hand of Moses.

The Spiritual teaching of the TORAH is be only during Live Bible Study. The TORAH verse below are for those who who like to read or study the TORAH during their own time.  For the shake of avoiding repeating the verses, I will only go over the verse GOD HaShem lighted to us for this Bible Study.

Let us begin!!!!!

3. Torah Spiritual Teaching Notes: 

Numbers ch 9: 

Link to e-versoin of Torah:

The Lord spoke to Moses in the Sinai Desert, in the second year of their exodus from the land of Egypt, in the first month, saying:2The children of Israel shall make the Passover sacrifice in its appointed time.3On the afternoon of the fourteenth of this month, you shall make it in its appointed time; in accordance with all its statutes and all its ordinances you shall make it.4Moses spoke to the children of Israel [instructing them] to make the Passover sacrifice.5So they made the Passover sacrifice in the first month, on the afternoon of the fourteenth day of the month in the Sinai Desert; according to all that the Lord had commanded Moses, so did the children of Israel do.6There were men who were ritually unclean [because of contact with] a dead person, and therefore could not make the Passover sacrifice on that day. So they approached Moses and Aaron on that day.7Those men said to him, “We are ritually unclean [because of contact] with a dead person; [but] why should we be excluded so as not to bring the offering of the Lord in its appointed time, with all the children of Israel?8Moses said to them, “Wait, and I will hear what the Lord instructs concerning you.”9The Lord spoke to Moses saying:10Speak to the children of Israel saying, Any person who becomes unclean from [contact with] the dead, or is on a distant journey, whether among you or in future generations, he shall make a Passover sacrifice for the Lord.11In the second month, on the fourteenth day, in the afternoon, they shall make it; they shall eat it with unleavened cakes and bitter herbs.12They shall not leave over anything from it until the next morning, and they shall not break any of its bones. They shall make it in accordance with all the statutes connected with the Passover sacrifice.13But the man who was ritually clean and was not on a journey, yet refrained from making the Passover sacrifice, his soul shall be cut off from his people, for he did not bring the offering of the Lord in its appointed time; that person shall bear his sin.14If a proselyte dwells with you, and he makes a Passover sacrifice to the Lord, according to the statutes of the Passover sacrifice and its ordinances he shall make it. One statute shall apply to you, to the proselyte and to the native-born citizen.15On the day the Mishkan was erected, the cloud covered the Mishkan, which was a tent for the Testimony, and at evening, there was over the Mishkan like an appearance of fire, [which remained] until morning.16So it was always, the cloud covered it and there was an appearance of fire at night.17and according to the cloud’s departure from over the Tent, and afterwards, the children of Israel would travel, and in the place where the cloud settled, there the children of Israel would encamp.18At the bidding of the Lord, the children of Israel traveled, and at the bidding of the Lord, they encamped. As long as the cloud hovered above the Mishkan, they encamped.19When the cloud lingered over the Mishkan for many days, the children of Israel kept the charge of the Lord and did not travel.20Sometimes, the cloud remained for several days above the Mishkan; at the Lord’s bidding they encamped and at the Lord’s bidding they traveled.21Sometimes the cloud remained from evening until morning, and when the cloud departed in the morning, they traveled. Or, the cloud remained for a day and a night, and when the cloud departed, they traveled.22Whether it was for two days, a month or a year, that the cloud lingered to hover over the Mishkan, the children of Israel would encamp and not travel, and when it departed, they traveled.23At the Lord’s bidding they would encamp, and at the Lord’s bidding they would travel; they kept the charge of the Lord by the word of the Lord through Moses.


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Welcome the following is a brief review of this Bible Study. 1. This BLOG post will have the resources and sources links for the Season 5 Bible Studies . 2. All Books used and Readings from during Live Bible Study can be found on Our Website: Marie Speaks GOD’s Grace. Live in the Season 5 portion of the website. 3. After Live Bible Studies have completed: I will upload to Rumble, and post link in this BLOG. How we conduct Bible Studies here: We believe G-D has called each of us to search matters out. (It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, And the glory of a king to plumb a matter. Like the heavens in their height, like the earth in its depth, Is the mind of kings—unfathomable.. Proverbs 25:2 -3) This is one reason why here at Marie Speaks G-D’s Grace Bible Study, we review several historical references and resources, of which we provide links and or screen shots for others to study at their leisure. We have been directed by G-D Wonderful and Almighty, to go Book by Book, Verse by Verse; sharing HIS Torah and Tanakh. We believe as directed by G-D Our Heavenly Father, learning and growing in Torah and Tanakh leads to understanding and wisdom; this shall only be achieved in reading, studying, and sharing HIS Word for ourselves; not relying on man. Learning, growing, and studying with OUR L-D is to be done with others that are like minded, but more so during our personal time. The BLOGs are written to assist those just beginning to study the BIBLE as a starting point. The Live or recorded Bible Studies are to cover and release opportunities and guidance, but ultimately is ones own personal responsibility to rule, govern, and be purposeful in their relationship with G-D. Proverbs 22: 4 thru 6 The effect of humility is fear of the LORD, Wealth, honor, and life. Thorns and snares are in the path of the crooked; He who values his life will keep far from them. Train a lad in the way he ought to go; He will not swerve from it even in old age. Ezekiel 18:20thru 22 The person who sins, he alone shall die. A child shall not share the burden of a parent’s guilt, nor shall a parent share the burden of a child’s guilt; the righteousness of the righteous shall be accounted to him alone, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be accounted to him alone. Moreover, if the wicked one repents of all the sins that he committed and keeps all My laws and does what is just and right, he shall live; he shall not die. None of the transgressions he committed shall be remembered against him; because of the righteousness he has practiced, he shall live. Is it my desire that a wicked person shall die?—says the L-d G-D. It is rather that he shall turn back from his ways and live. May HaShem, Blessed be He continue to Bless us all and may we all be forever written in the Book of Life. O'Amein and O'Amein Let US Begin!!!!

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