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Thank you everyone for a wonderful season. Thank you everyone for their love and support during our conversion process and our move to a Jewish Community.


In order to ensure we are diving in deep to our conversion and lessons, this off season we might not be posting on social media as often as previous off seasons.

Keep us in your prayers as we are in off season.

Next, season G-d, willing we will be diving into Tehillim. The some of the sources I will be using are listed below for others to enjoy on their own time. I am not paid to endorse nor affiliated with any source or reference, I enjoy sharing with others and allowing others the opportunity to meant the Only True Living G-d.

Nafshi.org Sephardic Prayer Siddur Sefard Tanakh

I will be using as usual several resources and sources that are of the Historical (Orthodox) Hebrew/Jewish Faith, Practice, and Lifestyle, and of course Historical Biblical times culture.

Please know that everyone will truly be in our prayers.

And you all are loved and missed.

with love..,


Let’s read about it!!!!!!

Jewish Soulmate Prayer

Love is a many splendor thing… all you need is love!!?!?!?!??!?! Well, digging around I found the Breslov.org Soulmate Prayer. I read it. I thought it was sweet. So here I am sharing it in audio.Obviously all credit goes to the Almighty G-D Blessed be He, for giving man wisdom. I Pray this prayer helps…

Deuteronomy ch 34: A Kiss from a Rose

Shalom Children of G-d! Welcome back to Marie Speaks G-d’s Grace Bible Study. This lesson is the final class of Season 5.5, we conclude with the final day of the life of Moses, our Teacher, may peace be upon him, and press forward with the creation of the Universe by the beautiful song of the…

Letter from Marie,

This Study has always been a dream of mine, and it wouldn’t exist without your support and HaShem’s Beautiful Grace, Love, and Mercy. We sincerely hope you enjoyed yourself and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you so much for joining us.

Marie Martinez

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